About Us


Black Tabby Studio is a small family-owned company, founded by a husband and wife team, Mike and Lindsey, using their combined talents to offer an ever-growing selection of high quality greeting cards, thank you cards, and more! Our products are lovingly illustrated, designed, and produced by Lindsey, the artist and co-owner of Black Tabby Studio, whose personal goal is to produce beautiful, quality products for customers to enjoy, while also serving a much greater purpose.

In her own words, Lindsey explains, “I’ve always believed that everyone has the power to make a difference in this world, large or small. It may have taken me years, but I finally learned how to use my talents to help others in my community as well as around the world, and I am very proud of that.” That is why, for every purchase made, Black Tabby Studio donates 10% of all proceeds to some amazing charities, programs and organizations around the world... but that’s not all! To learn more about what else Black Tabby Studio is doing for our communities and our world, click here.


Hey there, I'm Lindsey! I'm the co-owner, artist, product developer and founder of Black Tabby Studio. I graduated with a Studio Art Degree from Salve Regina University in 2010 with a dream of starting my own greeting card company and a mission to somehow make a difference in this world. With lots of hard work and my amazingly supportive (and might I say HANDSOME!) husband by my side, we found a way to turn my dreams into a reality.

I started Sugartown Greetings in my college dorm room; doodling greeting card ideas in my sketchbook and dreaming of one day seeing these sold in small, local shops. The idea of producing a line of greeting cards that used 100% recycled paper was something I really stood behind since day 1. Growing up a lover of nature and animals, creating eco-friendly products and implementing eco-conscious practices is and always has been very important to me.

Now, out of my dorm room and into real life, Mike and I have grown and expanded our tiny little hobby greeting card line into a blossoming career and a company that offers hundreds of products. I take great pride in every single product I create, but what I’m most proud of is everything this company has allowed us to do for our community and throughout the world. From providing jobs to adults with special needs, to funding the construction of a school in Haiti, Black Tabby Studio has exceeded even MY wildest dreams, and transformed into something with a beautiful heart and creative mind of it’s own. Click here to learn more about how Black Tabby Studio gives back.



Hi, I'm Mike, Lindsey's husband and co-owner of Black Tabby Studio. I graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2009 with a degree in Computer IT- specializing in web programming and development. Having worked for e-commerce businesses my whole life, I shared the same dream as my wife - of one day owning my own company.

With Lindsey’s beautiful products, and my knowledge of running an online company, our dreams have seamlessly come together to create this company that I am so proud of. Not only do we provide quality products, great customer service and outstanding pricing, but we’ve developed a brand that our customers trust and love. But we don’t stop there. Black Tabby Studio goes above and beyond any other “greeting cards & gifts” company by giving back to our community and our world. You can learn more about why we take such great pride in our company by clicking here.